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DIY Face Mask Kits

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Diy Face Mask Kits

If your budget won't quite stretch to our fully assembled service, go for our DIY mask kits instead. They are printed on the same quality thick card using our high end production printing press. The only difference is that you cut and assemble the masks yourself when you get them. It's dead easy - and we send you instructions and everything you need (elastic, fixings etc) too.

  • 10 Masks

    DIY Face Masks - 10 Pack

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  • 20 Masks

    DIY Face Masks - 20 Pack

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  • 30 Masks

    DIY Face Masks - 30 Pack

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Personalised Face Masks

Our masks are great fun and excellent quality, not matter which service you choose. We can print and fully assemble with elastic/sticks - or you can assemble yourself at home - choose from the three options below.

  • Personalised Face Masks (Ready to Wear)

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  • DIY Face Masks

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  • Masks on Sticks

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