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Personalised Face Masks

Personalised face masks have become a modern day must-have for any illustrious party or celebration. Ideal for Birthdays, Stag or Hen Parties and Doos, Weddings & Engagements, Work Do's, Retirements and Bah-Mitzvahs (to name a few) they're guaranteed to make your party go with a bang and keep the guests giggling all through the night!

Personalised face masks are a simple, yet extremely effective party accompaniment or fancy dress accessory. They are particularly popular with organisers of the notorious 'Surprise' party as they bring a priceless element of excitement and bewilderment to the unsuspecting guest of honour. They are a great ice breaker for guests who have come to your party unaccompanied and the perfect 'hide behind' for those who find social gatherings awkward and wish to remain incognito.

Made from high quality, printed cardboard, our personalised masks come ready to wear complete with eye holes and elastic. The cardboard has a smooth finish and is not too hard, so they are comfortable to wear. You can simply upload your photo and we will do the rest. When worn, the masks look hilarious and can even be alarmingly life like at a little distance. The better the image provided, the better the end result will be. We recommend images that have come straight from a digital camera in their original size and format with the subject facing straight at the camera (not side on!) A minimum image quality of 300dpi ensures that the image is high enough quality to be blown up to approximately A4 size, creating masks with a high quality, crisp print finish.

We can manufacture masks at at short notice in any quantity. For larger quantities, and discounted pricing see our sister site Printster.co.uk